Here are a few short clips from this summer's opening number called "Happiness".  

Contrary to what Bandito may tell you, I DO think that attitude is everything and that a smile can begin to turn around almost any rough situation.  Although I'm not sure if a smile could have made the difference in the Gordon Hayward fiasco this summer.  Dang Boston.  Enjoy!!!

GOAT: the Musical

Something hu-u-u-u-u-uge is coming your way for summer 2018!  

We came up with the idea for this video really early in the season and I said, "Yes!  I'm gonna make that video for sure.  That's hilarious."  But then the weeks passed by and things were busy etc etc and I never actually did it.  I even sat down at one point and tried to write a full script with lines and such to make sure it was perfect.  Long story short, this is not perfect ... but I still think it's hilarious.  I put the cast in front of the camera and said, "Here's the idea.  Have fun with it."  This is what we got!  I hope you think it's as funny as I do!

Click below to watch the VIDEEEEEEoh!

Sunday FUN DAY!

Every year, sometime right in the middle of the Pickleville summer season, Erin takes the young ones on a week-long trip to visit her aunt Helen and Uncle Joe in a mystical, magical place called McCall, Idaho.  I say "mystical" because I have not yet seen the place but through pictures and Instagram videos.  "Man's gotta work, am I right?"  This year is going to be especially rough because they're going directly from McCall to visit my Sister in Coeur d' Alene, leaving me to find my own meals for 10 straight days! 

Wish me luck.

Knowing that they were going to leave, we made a video to help me miss them even more.  Here it is:)