The best thing I did today

It's 12:59am July 11th, 2017.  Today was an easy day.  I say easy because we only had two performances.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy:)  Two awesome, energetic, full crowds.  

I always have a hard time going to sleep after shows.  I'm positive there is a biological/chemical reason for this.  I know it has to do with the "high" of being in front of a crowd and how long it takes those chemicals to exit my system.  There really is nothing quite like it.  I've never been able to articulate it well, but there is something very spiritual about what we are doing on that stage each night.  And I don't mean spiritual in the reverent, traditionally "churchy", make-you-want-to-cry sense.  I mean spiritual in the way a group of 300 strangers can all connect and feed off of each other's energy and personality without even saying a word.  Spiritual in the way I often sense that a slight change of inflection here or a new hand gesture there will be more effective in producing the desired reaction from the crowd.  How the same line I've spoken hundreds of times can come out of my mouth brand new and with a slightly new and sometimes improved meaning.  Spiritual in the way that I feel connected to my fellow performers and our technicians.  When everyone focuses on the good of the group it is literal magic that happens between every person in the room.  Actual magic.  I know it's directed by the One who made us all.

But that was just a tangent.  That's not what I most wanted to share on this post.  The big news today is that KJ (my youngest) has been asking me to make a video with him for a week or so and ... we finally did it!  Those who know KJ know that he is obsessed with several YouTube channels especially Dude Perfect.  He recently found another channel where they do "father/son" videos.  How do you say "no" to a child who asks, "Hey Dad, can we make a father/son video?"  

We spent a couple hours recording it and then edited it very quickly and here it is!  I hope one day when KJ is a little older, he'll re-watch this video and see in it how much his dad loves him.

Boy, have we got something to show YOU!

Countless hours and my heart and soul have gone into making this show the best that it can possibly be.  I've already had friends come out telling me this is the best one and that's all I ever want to hear.  

I'm having a blast sharing the stage with some of the most talented and wonderful people I've ever met.  Can't wait for a summer full of great experiences together!  Only 90 performances remaining at this point so get your tix today:)

Summer AUDITIONS 2017!

Click HERE for info on auditions for the most incredible Pickleville summer in history!  This is going to be a fun one, folks.  

In the words of Bandito: "If you are uncomfortable with large amounts of awesomeness ... you might want to step outside.  Because it is about to get really awesome all up in here."

... and a time to PLAY!

 Photo by my love, Erin Davis!

Photo by my love, Erin Davis!

Here are a couple thoughts that kept surfacing during our week away from the “real” world:  

1-There aren’t a lot of “things” required to make a human happy.  

2-We need to play more.  Not just the kids, but big kids too.  “Play” = an activity undertaken for enjoyment without any practical purpose.  Play means doing something while focusing on the means rather than on the end goal.  It’s good for creativity and learning and it’s good for the soul. 

Is it the same show as last year???

That seems like a simple question, buuuuut ... it's not.  

The shortEST answer:

Kind of.  

This year's production has some of the same stuff with also some brand new stuff.  It has a similar storyline with several new scenes and tweaks to make it funnier and more impactful.   You'll recognize some of the same characters (Bandito, Alia and Gratilda) and you'll hopefully fall in love with some new ones (Otto, Astrid and Nigel).  Some of the actors are the same (4) and some are brand new to the Christmas show (2).  The short answer is "kind of".  It's kind of the same show.

The long answer:

No. :)

From the very first Pickleville Christmas show I wrote in 2007, and especially since 2013 when we started to do Christmas with the Bandito character, I have been searching for the right balance of funniness vs meaning.  I believe that a really good Christmas show is one of the most difficult things to concoct which probably explains why there is such a shortage in the theatre world.  A good Christmas show must be written for families with people of all ages who want not only to laugh and be entertained, but given that it's Christmas, the time of year when we celebrate something so important and sacred, they also want to connect with the Reason for the season.

I hope this doesn't sound too arrogant, but I feel like over the past 10 years we have been getting closer and closer to the correct balance.  This year's show will be the closest we have ever come.

So ... is it the same show as last year?  Let me put it this way:  If it feels new to ME, it ought to feel new to everyone else.  And yes, this show feels brand new to me.    

Here's to the very best "a little bit new" and "a little bit similar" Bandito's Christmas Carol in the history of Bandito's Christmas Carols!  Any specific questions or comments or suggestions (or if you want to send El Bandito a Christmas present:), pls connect with me via the website.   Thanks for your love and support!  Go Bandito and go Christmas!!!


Christmas in the air!

It's been a long, fun week with Bodie Brower ( setting up our new Bandito Christmas site.  The creative process for this one has been a lot more peaceful than in past years.  I hope that's a sign of my maturity and experience but only time will tell:)  Ask me on Dec. 24th once the season is over. 

Because of how the dates fell this year, we were lucky to book two separate weekends in SLC which means we have even more showings available.  Here's to another fabulous holiday season with El Bandito!

Click HERE to visit the website!  

Tix available this Thursday, Oct 20th at 12:00pm!!!