"Wellllll this is a story all about how ..."

... one lucky dude gets to raise his family while getting paid to do something that he would do for free.

Howdy:)  Thanks so much for being here!  It seriously means a lot to me that you care enough to check out my site.  If you get a chance, I'd love to hear from you on Insta or FB.  Message me there or comment on one of my posts and I'll write you back for sure!  These "social" networks are useless without real connections and I'd love to connect with YOU.  I'm serious.  
Since this is the "about" page, I'll take a sec to tell you about me.  My interests and passions are all over the board.  Here's a short list:  I love my wife (Erin), my 5 boys, sports (esp. hoops), theatre, music (I rap a 'lil bit), comedy and anything else that brings happiness into the world.  I make $$$ by coming up with jokes, stories and music that my friends and I perform on stages in front of people.  I'm not exactly sure how I got to this point but I'm sure happy that I did!  #blessed  No, f'reals tho.  
Lemme try to catch you up quick:

Born in Logan, Ut

Every summer of my life since age zero: Watch my mom put up shows @ Pickleville Playhouse

5 yrs old: First on-stage performance (Streets of Laredo Cowboy #2 - ask me and I'll sing it for you)

Grade School:

Crosswalk Captain at Pattengill Elementary.  I was voted in by my peers :)

Huge elementary school crush on Teresa Kolly - Berkley, MI (she was the fastest kid in school)

High School:

Win state drama championship in pantomime. Yes ... pantomime.  Our skit was called "Beauty and the Mechanical Beast" and it was awesome, trust me!

Almost win State Championship in basketball ... let's not talk about it.  

Valedictorian & Student Body President at the best HS in the land (Sky View High)

After High School:

LDS Mission (Guatemala City South)

Utah State University:

Start as a pre-med student (medicine was the only family business that actually made any money at that time)

Marry NCAA All-American Volleyball hottie Erin Cartwright

btw ... hands down the best move ever made by any person in the history of ever

2004 - Carter born

Switch from pre-med to pre-dent (dental school is shorter, right?)

Graduate with a BS in Exercise Science

2005 - Write and direct my first full musical "Finding the Fickle Fortune" which will go down in

Pickleville history as one of the uh ... one of the shows we did at Pickleville.  

The soundtrack is out there somewhere.  We made CDs!

2005 - Start dental school @ THE Ohio State University  - Go Bucks!

2005 - Tanner born

2006 - Drop out of dental school @ THE Ohio State University - Still Go Bucks!

After Dental School:

Try working in some more stuff I wasn't passionate about (How'd that work out for ya?)

Get the idea for a holiday dinner/show, then go door to door in 2007 selling tickets to the first ever Pickleville Christmas show: "Santa's Elves: A North Pole Musical"

2008 - Hayden born

Summer 2008 - Write the first Juanito Bandito production called "Chuck Wagon's Wild West Showdown" (there's something about that accent ... or is it the mustache?)

Dec. 2008 - Santa Claus's Party

Continue to write shows and watch in disbelief as ticket sales climb year after year after year

2009 - The Hanging of El Bandito

Once Upon a Christmas

2010 - Bandito Rides Again

KJ born!

Santa's Elves: A North Pole Musical

2011 - Who Shot Juanito Bandito?

Twelve Twenty-Five: A North Pole Musical

2012 - The Hanging of El Bandito Reimagined

I Believe in Christmas

2013 - Bandito Rides Again Reimagined

Christmas with Juanito Bandito

2014 - Who Shot Juanito Bandito Reimagined

Juanito Bandito's Christmas Carol 2014

2015 - Juanito Bandito in the One with the Monkey

Juanito Bandito's Christmas Carol 2015

2016 - Ready, Fire, Aim starring Juanito Bandito

Juanito Bandito's Christmas Carol 2016

2017 - Love & Death vs El Bandito

Juanito Bandito's Christmas Carol 2017

2018 - Drew born!

Who Shot Juanito Bandito?

Up Next:  ????


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