1 Hr with the Diesel

So I spent one hour on Skype with Derek today and we decided that the outline was unclear.  We need to be able to see what Bandito wants at the beginning and see him either 1. accomplish his goal, 2. not accomplish his goal, or 3. realize that his goal wasn't worthy and that he should focus on something else.  This is the general idea I have today:

Outline 4-7-15

BANDITO has reached the pinnacle of his outlaw game.  He feels like there is nothing left to accomplish.  Nowhere left to go and he’s bored with it.  Yes I’m awesome at being a bad guy, no duh, but there is a voice deep inside me that tells me I was meant for something else.  Time has come to turn the page on this chapter of my life and start doing what I was meant to do.  I was meant to be a rap artist.

Sees a youtube video of AMOS and LINDSEY and at the end it says, contact us to book LINDSEY and AMOS in your town today. 

They come, do their show, BANDITO invites them to dinner.  Offers to take over 70-30.  AMOS declines.  BANDITO threatens. 

BANDITO goes to steal LINDSEY but she’s gone.  AMOS blames BANDITO and calls the authorities.

DARCY comes to investigate.  She’s good.  Is sure it’s BANDITO and tells him to turn in the monkey and his sentence will be lessened.  Otherwise he’s toast.  Can’t run.  He’s doomed.

MAGNUS says let’s get out of here and BANDITO says ok, but first we have to find that monkey.  I’m not leaving without LINDSEY.

DARCY reveals that she’s not super happy with her job either.  Has always thought there was something more exciting out there.  Yes, I’m good at it, but there’s got to be something more...  You work super hard to achieve a goal and then once you get it you realize that it’s only a stepping stone.

BANDITO offers DARCY a cut of his business plan.  80-20?.  She considers it and then refuses. 

BANDITO finds that PIETRA has the monkey/cow.  He buys the cow from PIETRA. 

BANDITO takes LINDSEY home and says that tomorrow they’re going to run away.  AMOS barges in.  He’s heard that BANDITO has the monkey.  BANDITO denies it. 

Magnus convinces him that running away is a dumb plan because they’ll be caught and even if they do get away, he’s got a monkey.  What’s he going to do with the monkey?

DARCY suddenly shoots BANDITO in the back.  She frames AMOS for murder and the others leave.

BANDITO and DARCY were in on the plan together.  DARCY has the monkey and they’re going to be business partners.  Aren’t you going to send in a resignation?  They’ll figure it out.  I’m on to more exciting adventures.  Business manager for a brand new Rap artist.  El Bandito.  Sounds cheesy.  He’s got a monkey backup dancer that’s incredible.  Right now I just need to find a place to stay.  You can stay next door.  As long as the neighbors don’t have any weird pets.

In the end:
BANDITO saves LINDSEY from a terrible fate
DARCY leaves her job for a more exciting life
BANDITO learns that you don’t need a shtick.  Juanito Bandito is a shtick enough by himself without any dancing monkeys.
AMOS gets his justice for his bad intentions
MAGNUS dies because he poisons himself trying to kill BANDITO.
DARCY uses her skills as a negotiator to negotiate the COLLECTOR being an investor in BANDITO’s career.

idea: DARCY spends her time catching the bad guys.  Every once in a while she fantasizes about being the bad guy.  Not to do bad guy kind of stuff, but for the adventure.  Riding through uncharted territories.  Living on the land.  New places, new people, excitement.

-I have a testimony of Derek:)  What would I do without him?!