April 1st 2015 - here it is ... for real

No, this has nothing to do with April fools day although it does have something to do with the date.  Today is April 1st.  April 1, 2015 2:23pm to be exact (see photo:)

I am posting this as a preemptive attempt to prove that miracles do happen.  At the bottom of this post I will post everything that I have written in a document I call "atcd script 20150401."  "ATCD" is short for "A town called danger," which is the name that I chose for this summer's all-new Juanito Bandito production.  The name was chosen almost exactly one month ago, long before the script was written or even before a single note of music had been composed.  Back then, the only thing I had was an idea and a few of my good friends who had agreed to star in the show (Jordan Brown, Tony Carter, Ray Seams and my little sis Kenzie Davis).

Granted I do have a little black notebook (no not that kind), and around 100ish note cards full of ideas, character descriptions, scene outlines and such.  None of these things are exactly, or nearly right at the moment.  Today as I sit down to try to put the entire story together in my head, I feel completely frustrated and am wondering whether I should start over completely new.  I wonder if there's any chance I will be able to produce something quality in time to rehearse it, costume it, etc by opening night on June 11, 2015.

I have enlisted the help (via Skype sessions) of my brother, Derek, who is currently living in NYC and is always there with an organized mind to help dig me out of my mental hole and give me useful ideas.  He has so many of those mental talents that I lack.  I've also set up sessions with Tony and Jordan so that they can have input mostly in their own characters' development, but also in the story itself.  I've contacted another talented friend, Luke Shepherd, who played piano at Pickleville for 2 summers and who has performed in a couple of our Christmas productions.  He has agreed to help with the music when I need inspiration.  He is a musical genius with a wealth of musical ideas.

It will take a creative miracle to write, rehearse and mount an entire musical in just over a month.  It will take an even greater miracle to make it something worth seeing.

Here it is.  I've never had the guts to put it out there like this.  Please don't call the box office and ask for a refund.  Give it a chance.  Believe in its potential.  Trust in the power of Juanito Bandito miracles!!!

Click here to see the script as it now is.  (WARNING: it is not pretty.  Nothing but a bunch of different outlines and a few really poorly written scenes.)

Let the Gods of comedy and musical writing awesomeness smile down upon me!

My little black book and notecards:)