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Watch this first!

How to audition.

Submit an audition video to auditions@picklevilleplayhouse.com before 12:01am on Monday, October 19th


What to include in the email.

-Your cell phone #

-Your list of schedule conflicts (see the last bullet below for the rehearsal and performance schedule)


What to include in the audition video.

-Tell us about yourself.  (At least: Name, age, what you're going to be for Halloween and what you’re doing with your life. Time limit: Videos longer than 2 hours will be DQ-ed ... unless of course they're funny ... but seriously, please don't send us a two-hour video:)

-Experience.  Tell us about what kind of theatre/stage-related experience you’ve had.  What role and at which theatre and how did you enjoy your experiences?

-Songs.  (Sing at least one, but preferably two contrasting pieces that are around 1-2 minutes each.)

-What else? Whatever you want:)  Have fun and be yourself!   Help us get to know you.


DO NOT STRESS TOO MUCH ABOUT THE QUALITY OF YOUR RECORDING!  For example: A simple video shot with an iPhone (or similar) camera will be more than sufficient.  It can even be two or three videos if you can't figure out how to put everything together on one.  


What happens after I submit my video?  

-We will be in contact within one week!


What if I have other questions?

-Email auditions@picklevilleplayhouse.com.  


Show me the $$$

-Actors are paid between $150 and $200 per performance depending upon their role, age and experience.  9 shows guaranteed, likely at least 10 with the possibility of up to 12 depending upon demand.  Everyone's contract (actors, musicians, technicians, crew etc) is negotiated individually.

-We have 3 actors already commuting from Orem/Provo area to be in the show, so if you happen to be from somewhere south of Logan, we can arrange a carpool.  We will help cover gas costs of those commuters.

How big is the commitment?

-The rehearsal schedule is somewhat flexible (read: we can probably work around your schedule) up until the very end of November, after which rehearsals and performances become mandatory for all team members.  See the schedule below and make sure to include any possible conflicts between Nov 2 and Dec 22 in your audition email along with the link to your video!


SCHEDULE - Week of:

Nov 2 -

4 hrs - block scene 3, review scene 2, learn song 2 vocals, 

4 hrs - review scene 3, learn song 2 choreo and review vocals

4 hrs - learn scene 4, review songs 1-2, run what we have


Nov 9 - 

4 hrs - learn songs 3 and 4 vocals, learn scenes 5-6

4 hrs - choreo for songs 3 and 4, review scenes, learn scene 7

4 hrs - finish blocking the show, review what we have


Nov 16 - 

4 hrs - learn the rest of the songs, review scene

4 hrs - vocal rehearsal for all songs

4 hrs - Choreo for all songs learned


Nov 23 - (thanksgiving week)

4 hrs - Review all and perfect (Mon, Tues or Wed)

6-8 hrs (Friday or Saturday)  


Nov 30 (Mon-Thurs)

4 hrs

4 hrs



Friday, Dec 4th or Sat. Dec 5th - 6 hrs (offsite dress rehearsal for EVERYONE)


Mon. Dec 7 - 5-1130pm (tech/dress rehearsal)

Tues. Dec 8 - 5-1130pm (tech dress rehearsal)

Wed. Dec 9 - 5-1130pm (dress rehearsal for invited audience???)

Thurs. Dec. 10 - 5-1130pm (dress rehearsal for invited audience OR performance for buyout audience)


Fri. Dec. 11 - Opening night (call at 5pm, show at 730)

Sat. Dec 12 - Call at 1 (shows at 3pm and 730pm)

Mon. Dec 14 - Call at 530, show at 730

Tues. Dec 15 - Possible buyout or added performance (call at 530)

(Help with load-out until 1145pm on final night of Logan shows which may be Monday or Tuesday depending upon when/if the buyout happens)



Wed Dec 16 - 6-1130pm (tech rehearsal in SLC)

Thurs Dec 17 - call at 530, show at 730

Fri Dec 18 - call at 6, show at 730

Sat Dec 19 - call at 130, shows at 3 and 730pm

Mon Dec 21 - call at 6, show at 730pm

Tues Dec 22 - (probable 730pm performance)

(Help with load-out until 1130pm on final night of SLC shows which may be Monday or Tuesday)


Thanks so much for your interest!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!