I almost quit again yesterday.

Wanted to quit really bad yesterday.  Worked hard on campus at USU from noon-8pm and came up with a big goose egg as far as ideas were concerned.  Started thinking about re-doing one of the other Bandito shows or even another musical.  It's quite a mental strain to face alone.  Today i talked with Derek early on and it helped me get excited.  I drove down to SLC to work in the public library to get around some different vibes.  There are definitely some different vibes down here:)  Here's what I've got as far as a super-quick outline:

BANDITO monologue interrupted by MAGNUS into

SONG: I am destined to become a rapper.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.


MAGNUS explains that BANDITO needs a gimmick

SONG: AMOS YouTube video into LINDSEY intro song


BANDITO invites AMOS to his house to buy LINDSEY.  AMOS refuses.


BANDITO goes to kidnap LINDSEY and LINDSEY escapes


DARCY enters and says BANDITO is doomed


MAGNUS says let’s run.  BANDITO refuses to leave without monkey.


DARCY and BANDITO have dinner

SONG: DARCY no more rules, freedom song - take me with you

BANDITO offers DARCY a way out.  She refuses.


PIETRA has LINDSEY.  BANDITO gets possession and saves LINDSEY life.


BANDITO takes LINDSEY to his apt.  MAGNUS finds out.  They fall asleep.


MAGNUS and AMOS plan to poison BANDITO


MAGNUS and AMOS try to poison BANDITO and MAGNUS poisons himself and dies.


LINDSEY enters unexpectedly and saves BANDITO from AMOS in the same manner that he saved her from PIETRA.


DARCY shoots BANDITO in the back


GARRETT enters


DARCY frames GARRETT for MAGNUS murder


PIETRA and GIRL end up together


DARCY and BANDITO were in cahoots


MAN comes to offer BANDITO a deal without LINDSEY


BANDITO refuses it


DARCY goes off to rob MAN.  Congratulations.  You’ve just become the single biggest investor in Mr. Bandito’s latest album release.  Please step into my office and we can discuss the terms.  80-20.


SONG: Do the monkey