We did this video completely off-the-cuff.

Back at the beginning of the summer we had grand plans to produce a couple of super awesome videos to promote the shows.  The “Drowsy” video went up pretty smoothly and ended up being a sort of montage of fun moments from the show along with some quotes from the cast in their show characters (see that video here).  

It was sometime in mid to late June, the shows had just barely been mounted, and I was at the end of my rope as far as creativity and free time goes.  Bodie, our web designer/graphic artist/pretty much everything that looks good about our Pickleville posters and ads and branding guy, insisted that we do a Bandito video.  I told him that I didn’t think I had the time or the creative energy to write something worth producing and he said, “Why don’t you just improv it?”  It was an interesting idea and something we had never attempted before, so we gave it a shot.  (Bodie is the literal coolest guy ever BTW.  Check out his site here.)

We asked the actors to come in a couple hours early one day, sat them down in their costumes, and asked them random questions which they were required to answer “in character” and completely on the spot  We got tooooons of funny stuff from each of them.  I remember being so impressed by not only their comedic improv ability but the depth at which they had thought about their characters and the worlds that they had created for them.  The details that they had previously concocted in their minds were things that no audience would ever see or hear directly, but they were details that brought those characters to life inside of each of them as they played the parts each night.  

#protip: This is one of the keys to the success of any show, no matter the genre.  The characters and their circumstances can be almost as crazy as can be imagined and if the actor can actually become the character on stage, living moment to moment genuinely as this person, the audience will believe it.  I actually believe that our brand of comedy requires even better actors than most of the mainstream musical comedy shows that are out there.  It takes a great actor to be completely unrealistic all the while making you believe that his world is as real as your own.

The first draft of the video was like 25 minutes long and I had to go through and cut everything that I didn’t think the general public would find entertaining or overly silly.  It was not an easy task.  I think we still ended up with a few of those “favorite moments” that might not be as funny to the audience as they were to me and Bodie, but hey, in the end we learned some things.  We got better at doing what we do and we had fun doing it.  Progress and forward movement are the main goals, right?  Lemme know on twitter or instagram what you think of the video!