I bought my baby a snowboard

Sooooo a confession:  For the last few years I've spent a lot of wasted time asking myself this question "Why in the expletive do we choose to live in a place where it is so miserably cold for 3-5 months of the year?"  

Cuz the truth is I don't like the cold and I would much prefer to live in a place where you can reasonably wear shorts and t-shirts in the middle of January (I do anyway, but I'm not very reasonable).  I had a moment of realization during the Christmas show when i came to grips with the fact that 1: we aren't going to move to warmer location any time during the 2015-2016 winter months and 2: winter is here whether I like it or not.  

So, to make the best out of a chilly situation I came up with a plan.  I bought Erin a snowboard and I'm going to try to teach her to love it as much as I love it.  She's kinda, sorta pretty awesome at it already, but ... if I can get her on the mountain at least a few more times in the next couple of weeks, I'm convinced that I'll be able to talk her into making it a regular thing and then maybe, possibly, the winter months won't suck quite so hard.  

They will still suck because warmness is awesome, but maybe we can trick ourselves into having a little bit of fun in the mean time.  

Click HERE to watch the video!