Is it the same show as last year???

That seems like a simple question, buuuuut ... it's not.  

The shortEST answer:

Kind of.  

This year's production has some of the same stuff with also some brand new stuff.  It has a similar storyline with several new scenes and tweaks to make it funnier and more impactful.   You'll recognize some of the same characters (Bandito, Alia and Gratilda) and you'll hopefully fall in love with some new ones (Otto, Astrid and Nigel).  Some of the actors are the same (4) and some are brand new to the Christmas show (2).  The short answer is "kind of".  It's kind of the same show.

The long answer:

No. :)

From the very first Pickleville Christmas show I wrote in 2007, and especially since 2013 when we started to do Christmas with the Bandito character, I have been searching for the right balance of funniness vs meaning.  I believe that a really good Christmas show is one of the most difficult things to concoct which probably explains why there is such a shortage in the theatre world.  A good Christmas show must be written for families with people of all ages who want not only to laugh and be entertained, but given that it's Christmas, the time of year when we celebrate something so important and sacred, they also want to connect with the Reason for the season.

I hope this doesn't sound too arrogant, but I feel like over the past 10 years we have been getting closer and closer to the correct balance.  This year's show will be the closest we have ever come.

So ... is it the same show as last year?  Let me put it this way:  If it feels new to ME, it ought to feel new to everyone else.  And yes, this show feels brand new to me.    

Here's to the very best "a little bit new" and "a little bit similar" Bandito's Christmas Carol in the history of Bandito's Christmas Carols!  Any specific questions or comments or suggestions (or if you want to send El Bandito a Christmas present:), pls connect with me via the website.   Thanks for your love and support!  Go Bandito and go Christmas!!!