14 volleyball matches and a night at the circus! Bonus: the key to success in sports and performance

Erin and I took a little trip to Toronto to watch the Swatch Major Series World Beach Volleyball finals.  The 10 best teams from each gender qualify each year and holy flip, it was awesome.  I really wish the volleyball community here in Utah was stronger because I love this game, especially the beach game.  And no, it has nothing to do with skimpy uniforms (I know some of you were thinking it)!  The sport is an awesome combination of power, grace and skill, but even more interesting is the mental aspect of the game.

The best players in the world aren't the best only because they jump the highest and hit the hardest.  The best players are the ones who have learned to practice the ability to play completely in the moment.  To focus only on what they can control.  In volleyball, all you can do is execute during the play that's right in front of you.  If you made an error the point before, it does you no good to think about it during the current one.  If you get down a few points, it does you no good to think about how many you need to score to get the lead.  The great ones focus 100% on what's right in front of them.  They give all their effort and attention to the "now".  Watch the best players and performers in the world and you'll see that they've all learned to practice this skill.  

In performing, this concept could be more huge.  Whatever happened before, whatever is coming up in your future, you have to make a conscious decision to give your entire self to the moment at hand.  Got three shows to do today and 70ish more to go before you get a break?  Eh!  Wrong!  You have ONE show to do and it's the one you're currently doing. 

Ok, tangent finished.  Here's the video from day two of our Canadian volleyball adventure:)

Click HERE to watch the video!