A little disclaimer ...

Juanito Bandito has said, "A little disclaimer before the next musical number ... If you are uncomfortable with large amounts of awesomeness, then you might want to step outside because it is about to get really awesome right up in here."  I make no such prediction associated with this blog.

For some reason during the last couple of days, I've felt a strong urge to join the sometimes faceless masses of bloggers around the world and start inputting my random thoughts on the world wide web ... The only problem being that I am not faceless.  People see my face on a regular basis.  Seth Godin, whose blog I read regularly because I think he is a genius, has long suggested that everyone ought to have their own blog and post on it regularly.  He says we should plan and calculate less and "ship" more.  I think this is a true principle.

So ... if you ever find yourself reading this blog and you say to yourself, "This guy has absolutely no idea what he's talking about," you're probably right, but at least I'm shipping.  Fake it til you make it, baby.