We've got to help make a change in the way our kids are being educated

I don't think it was coincidence that I spent the morning talking with Brooke Snow about how the current school system is not really educating kids and then I ran into this interesting video that another friend posted on Facebook. 
First of all, holy brave little girl to be able to speak so boldly! Look at the teachers/administrators behind her as she speaks.   She pretty much tells it like it is.  Skip to  about 2 minutes into it if you don't have time to watch the whole thing.
Second of all, I'm nervous for my kids. What do I say one day in the future when one of them comes home and says "I don't like school"? Our kids spend over 14 thousand hours in school from K-12. This is IMPORTANT STUFF for parents and those that want to continue to improve the future.
If I had been smart enough to say something like this in my valedictorian speech in 1999, it surely wouldn't have taken so long for me to start doing what I feel passionate about doing. Who knows how much further ahead I would be by now.  I'm not discontent with my current situation whatsoever, but I'm just sayin' ... what if?
Watch it here: