Lincoln, God and Leadership

I suspect that there was a lot of Diety references purposefully left out of the recent film "Lincoln."  (I loved so many things about this movie btw)  The current public taste seems to disagree with direct mentions of our Maker unless His name is used in a degrading or offensive manner. 

I wonder how much direct mention of God and Christ was made publicly by the early, great leaders of our country.  Someone has to have done some kind of research paper based on this idea.  How far from God have we strayed because of our efforts for equality and political correctness ... not wanting to leave anyone feeling left out.  Is it right to exclude God from the decisions that matter most in an effort to try to include the minority who choose not to believe in Him?  Why does it now seem so taboo for a national leader to directly mention the existence of a Supreme Creator who cares about our well-being?

Can one be an effective leader without leading towards the greatest Leader of all?  

I'm not sure of the answer to these questions, but one of the best things about this movie is that it shows that in some situations, there exists a "grey" area.  Some compromise has to be made for the good of the group even though it means you have to move yourself out of the white space for a while and into the "grey."  Don't get me wrong.  Right is right and wrong is wrong, but a compass only points North.  It doesn't tell you about all of the swamps and mountains between you and your destination.  You have to make your own decisions based on your own circumstances.  God will judge us based on the true intentions of our hearts.  That takes a lot of the pressure off.