Some things you have to feel to understand

Here is one of my favorite sports features ever, written by the author of The Blind Side, Moneyball and others.

Read it here:

You can't quantify everything in sports, business and certainly not in life.  There are seemingly insignificant attributes that a person can either be blessed with or develop or both, which make all the difference in the success of a team.  This is not to say that the Heat don't need LeBron in order to win championships, but I don't think the big three could do it without Battier.  Jordan couldn't have done it without Pippen and Grant.  There are unquantifiable, even spiritual things that a person can bring to a team which normal people watching a game every once in a while on television would not understand.  You have to be in the middle of it to "get" it and even then, you probably can't adequately articulate what "it" is.  There are so many things that parallel this idea in real life.