The miracle about to happen

This is the week.  It's the week where the miracle will happen.  Actually the miracle has been happening bit by bit each hour that we've worked on it, but the majority of the miracle will happen this week.  I know this is true because it has to be true.  The only other alternative is failure and failure is not an option.  Here is the list of miracles that will happen this week:

1- The script will be finished at least close enough to give to the cast and start rehearsals.
2- I will write and finish the tracks for at least 3 of the 7 songs that are in the show.  The songs planned are (and these are the names as they are currently in the script): I was meant to rap opener, Amos and Lindsey, Go for it, Monkey Lullaby, How to Kill Juanito Bandito, Don't Eat the Cake, Do the Monkey Closer.
3- I will find a dancer / actress to play Lindsey.  Right now we have no viable leads.  The idea has been tossed about of changing Linsdey to be a male monkey.
4-I will design and pass off the ideas for the set to our builder.
5-Costume designs will be finished and started.

Other business related miracles that will happen this week:
6- Sponsor letters will be completed and sent
7-Brochure designs will be finished and sent to print

I ran into a guy named Tyler Whitesides on Saturday.  He and his wife Connie were at Formosa at the same time we got there to eat lunch after Tanner's game.  They're big Bandito fans.  He also happens to be the author of the Janitors books that Carter and Tanner have fallen in love with.  We chatted about the creative process and deadlines and I can't really explain why, but it gave me a lot of confidence and optimism for the future. 

Some days I am completely positive that this will be the final Bandito.  Fewer days I have this foggy vision of the future that may or may not involve Bandito but it involves me using my creative abilities to make something amazing that will have a positive effect on the lives of millions. 

This is the week when the miracle happens.