Across the Canadian border with an expired passport

Sometimes life is easy and sometimes you are stupid.

Here's a little vlog about our travel day getting to Toronto.  It's not the highest quality cause it was just shot on my cell, but it's fun nonetheless.  I don't want to give away the details, but let's just say that it involves Erin booking a last-second flight to Buffalo so that she could rent a car and smuggle herself across the border.  She was a trooper!

Click HERE to watch the video!

This is John Hyden and Tri Born.  They took 3rd last weekend.  Johnny Hyden is 44 years old.  Yes, 44 and guess who the opposing teams serve all match long?  Tri.  Not because he's not great - the guy is an athletic freak of nature actually - but because John Hyden is so superior to everyone else in the mental game.  Tri sometimes makes mental mistakes and John very rarely does.  Watching him inspired me big time!